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The world will be saved by beauty. -Fyodor Dostoevsky

My day job is working with people experiencing homelessness and working within a broken healthcare system that seems to abandon people as soon as sickness occurs.  Day after day, I hear the stories of people whose lives are filled with great complexity.  I am present to wrinkles, missing teeth, smiles, joy and the bent over posture of poverty.  I witness hope, despair, pain, and courage.  And since there is always so much tension to hold, I find it refreshing to work with flowers, whether it be growing, designing, or playing.  In the midst of this complex world, flowers are simply beautiful.

Pollen is one of the basic substances by which the Earth’s abundance is carried from place to place.  Abundance, rather than scarcity, can carry beauty, love, and joy from place to place.  People, like pollen, can carry the seeds of beauty, love, and joy.


Pollen is more than just floral design.  Since 2015, Pollen has been making the world a little more beautiful - 1 flower at a time.

***Inspired by the SLOW flower movement, and to support the honey bees in my yard, Pollen does its best to source plants as locally as possible.  Some of these local farms include The Veg Yard and Sarah's Garden.

Special Notes and Gratitudes:

I found the flower stamp that is in my logo at a street market in Mexico City. 

Thanks to Aimee Larrabee Calligraphy for the word design.